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An Integrated Approach

My signature style combines slow deep tissue massage, myofascial release, trigger point, and Swedish strokes for an integrated massage that yields profound results! The work can range from relaxing to quite intensive as I ameliorate knots and release tight restrictions, working to increase mobility and correct soft-tissue and joint dysfunctions. Passive stretching, muscle energy/activation techniques, cupping and gua sha (scraping) are often employed to assist in soft-tissue release. My clients consistently report significant improvements, including decreased pain and the ability to engage in activity with greater ease.

My ability to help is a partnership. I often recommend exercises, stretches and lifestyle modifications to do outside of our session time. I take satisfaction helping every client move, feel and perform better.


Signature Deep Tissue Massage

Slow, deep strokes, myofascial release and trigger point to assess and treat deep muscular tension, restrictions, knots and adhesions with the goal of reducing pain and dysfunction, increasing range of motion and helping you move, feel and perform better. 

A variety of  techniques, stretches and muscle energy/activation techniques may be employed to achieve optimal results. 

90 min - $100

120 min - $132

+60 min - $66

Relaxation Massage

Soothe away stress and tension with a nurturing massage geared toward relaxation. For those who desire an overall lighter touch and energetic calm and centering. 

90 min - $100 

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy Massage is a Relaxation-style massage that differs slightly from one trimester to the next. It can be a wonderful comfort, physical and emotional reprieve for expectant mothers. If you are experiencing signs and symptoms or have been diagnosed with gestational diabetes or hypertension, pre-eclampsia, or excessive swelling, please obtain a prescription from your healthcare provider before seeking massage, and bring this with you to your appointment.

90 min - $100

Pregnancy Massage



Gua Sha

Moist Heat


75 min - $80

Motor Vehicle Accident Massage

I bill insurance at the current rate per-unit

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I use only the finest-quality organic and all-natural lotions, creams, oils and essential oils, so what goes on your skin is always vitally nourishing and non-toxic. 

Anna Herron | Massage Therapy is Mobile!

Mobile Chair & Table Massage

I am available to provide on-site table & chair massage at your home, business or event. I arrive with all of my own supplies; you provide the space! Text, call or email to discuss logistics and schedule.


*rate includes travel and supplies; available on a limited basis

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